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All Comments on MQREIT Reload

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lim kim
What is the best price to buy in?
Michael Michael
For me, 1.05 or below
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Geoffrey TCF
worth for invest ?
Geoffrey TCF
Thank for advice
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lim kim
What is the Best Buy to buy in?
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KY Lum
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why dropped so low
E J Tan
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On up trend till the dividend declared by end of this month
lee ptl
after dividend, do the price wl going down ?
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Krist Goh
how's this stock looking?
Tee Hui Chua
No dividend?
Ximon Lee
1 year 2 times
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E J Tan
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For reits dividends, the tax for individual is 10%. It’s deducted via dividend declared before credited into shareholder’s account. Hence individuals do not need to declare or pay any more income tax.
Eric NG
buy now still entitle dividend?
need pay 10% gov tax
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Eric Teoh
yes,after government tatax.noncome tax.
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E J Tan
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Quite a good Qly performance under current intense market scenario. Syabas to MQ Mgmt!!
Daniel Pang
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I will wait below 1rm,just hope
Chong Tjun Yie
was busy at work and dint keep track...
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Chee Yong Chin
The main sponsor mrcb's price slumped, will mq be impacted negatively?
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