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It's literally just an extra 2 weeks, if anything it is a confirmation that they are close to finalising the deal. Otherwise they would have extended for another month or two.
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Where did you hear this from? The recent townhall they held?
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Sure if you want to debate the technicalities that AirAsia was formed in 1993, but AirAsia wasn't "AirAsia" until 2001, they weren't a low-cost carrier and their business model has been totally revamped since the Acquisition made by Tony & Din.

Why is it RM0.69? If you don't already know, the damage done by covid and their PN17 status are the reasons, the fact that AirAsia is still around and growing and more diversified than ever is a testament to the management team, all of this is done during covid without government aid. This is why the senior management and not just Tony have my respect. I don't think it is right to blame a black swan event like Covid over the management, realistically what can they do when the government shut borders? They still have to maintain their airport slots, pay workers, pay leases etc. It's just that AirAsia wasn't as fortunate as Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines or other US carriers because AirAsia doesn't have a backer like Khazanah, Temasek or the US government to help them weather out covid.

As for why people are buying into Capital A? Simply because people are betting that Capital A will be able to pull off their restructuring plan and get out of PN17.

TLDR, AirAsia/Capital A's senior management have my respect despite given such bad cards to play. There is a reason why he is constantly invited to World Economic Forum and various other forums annually to give talks instead of other CEOs in Malaysia. I believe the best has yet to come, I am holding this counter for long term >5 years at least.
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@Chen Kit


Come on why was this even liked, I googled AirAsia loan and this was the first result. At least get your facts straight and search it up, don't be confidently wrong.
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Thai AirAsia recorded a net profit of 2,813.6 million baht (about RM380 million using year end rates), but much of their net profits (2,314 million baht) comes from a gain on exchange rates in 4Q2023. The baht appreciated about 7% vs USD from Q32023 to Q42023 while the RM appreciated about 2% vs USD from Q32023 to Q42023, so I don't think AirAsia Malaysia's performance will be nearly as good as Thai AirAsia for Q42023.
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"propounding mannerism" Sure if that's what you think :) Amazing how some people lack the self awareness. I was just trying to help but you don't want to listen hence why I called you stubborn and now you are going off tangent lashing out at me, that is why I am not even sure whether you are all ears seeking out an answer regarding your credits.

There is no reason for me to have wounded feelings when you are the one looking for answers regarding your credits here but have unsurprisingly failed to. All I am saying is you are wasting your time here because the relevant people that can address your issues are not here.

Lastly, KLSE Screener is not a customer support platform.
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Irony in your latest comment when you were harping about mannerisms, now you are calling me low life and disgusting? Anyway, I am merely being blunt to you through my advice. Like I said, peace. Investors here would rather hear more about AirAsia's latest plans to become a low-cost network carrier.

Just to repeat my earlier comment, by commenting here and leaving out key verifiable details, you will just be going in circles but you do you.
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There's that attitude again. As per what I said earlier, I am merely trying to help you out suggesting ways to get your refund and now you are attacking me for trying to help you? You are that insufferable aren't you? Maybe that's why you are still having issues after a long time especially with that stubborn attitude of yours.

Anyways peace and good luck getting your refund, as someone who worked in customer service a long time ago, the only person I feel sorry for is the AirAsia support staff that has to deal with that attitude of yours.
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You can choose to be stubborn but I am merely giving you advice on better ways to actually reach your solution, isn't your original purpose commenting here to reach to a solution regarding your credits?

Like I said in my previous comment, to me it seems like you came here to just rant. Anyway, I think most investors here had enough of your ranting because this isn't the right place to do it. You can choose to continue ranting here but you'd probably won't be able to reach your solutions.
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Exactly what you should be doing in the very first place, but write nicely (not like your initial comment here) and provide relevant verifiable details, because the people behind the AirAsia accounts are just regular executives at AirAsia who have zero clue about your issue and they are humans too, they get pissed off by some customers who behave like a Karen, so if you behave like a Karen I don't expect them to give you priority
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