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Jsheng Zhang

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Joined Aug 2018


Barakah will be correction. 0.12
11 hours · translate
Useless stock. Don't involve, all bj counter, you can review non of them can earn.
13 hours · translate
Will be correction and up again. Oil and gas trend still burning
13 hours · translate
Destini correction.
17 hours · translate
owe ppl so much money still can earn money? Really cheater
1 day · translate
Don't be a follower, take your profit when you earn.
2 days · translate
useless stock. So big volume up 1 sen ==
2 days · translate
So many stock running, KNM, SAPNRG, armadas why want Keep hug a tree?
2 days · translate
Up sure said up word. Take your own profit and run
2 days · translate
take profit
2 days · translate
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