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This stock no up, sure bungkus again. So good news, you turn down the price.
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Sell on news
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你怕你走先! 把票丢给我们吃吧。 股东想要票肯定放坏消息先, 不然怎么吃票。
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不要靠欺负人来出名, 把股价炒高了 我们大家都认识你了
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Having many business also need take time for generate profit. If long term invest in this stock, can hold and buy further low, if panic player or short term. Can let it go first. Sure freeze
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They wont goreng at this moment. If loss money still goreng w bonus and warrant, this call manipulate. Just put at fridge and wait for the bonus. Anything will be sell on news. Retailer all inside, banker already run away.
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仙股我不熟=p===p p
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动都不动? 哪里好冲。 这种股最难玩
5 months · translate
突破多少才可以冲进去 请指教
5 months · translate
没事情, 这个股的作风
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