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next week tgk cane. now org take profit dlu nk cuti
2 months · translate
expecting qr soon this week. been green for 2 yrs straight
3 months · translate
helmi, klau freeze bawah, maknanya ada can la naik kan?sama mcm kalau 2xLU, boleh trade, tp xkan naik, turun boleh
3 months · translate
idk how, usually goreng counter do not transact rm20 odd mil everyday for the past 3-4 months.. goreng usually 1 month gone already
3 months · translate
panjat sudah
3 months · translate
waste of time. the same day watched menang-wc climbed 45%. so frustrating.
12 months · translate
next dataprp in the making. lol. too scary la
1 year · translate
maybe it's time?
1 year · translate
goreng kaw2. ringan sgt2 ringan. vol xde canak kaw2. xde plak kena query.
1 year · translate
i cabut d due to bad sentiment. 10% ok la dun tamak. always try to tamak always lose money lol
1 year · translate
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