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It would be better if can close above 2.00
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Do you know 20 sen, is RM 2.6 before bonus ex date ? Operator cost is less than 10 sen , what goes up will come down.
Operator is seating with huge pile of profit even at current price . Good luck
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Even with today's price of 2.5, it is still RM 32.50 before ex, operator cost is only at RM 1 +
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@Edward Clayton , see yourself yar loser retard
Yesterday · translate
Atech - Top 5 institution net buy last week ! Let's see , buy when people in fear
3 days · translate
悲观的人总在机会中看到困难; 乐观的人则在困难中看到机会。
4 days · translate
Rome is not built in a day , good thing takes time. They are just starting of the journey with many expansion plans, new factory, new products and more projects to come !
5 days · translate
Founder & Co Founders are under 6 months voluntary of moratorium by not selling their share, still has a long journey to go. How many bosses willing to do this ?
5 days · translate
Gan, the selling pressure has been maximise yesterday. Those who want to sell has sold off, the ticket back to operator side. Selling pressure was so great due to 大湿 in the market , spreading panic call , weak holders and etc. I believe next week will be better
5 days · translate
Oversold, Investors should be patient, next qr PAT will be over 20 million, PEx will be less than 10 , new plant will start operating this month which will double their capacity and production
Price hit the bottom after peak of 2.88 , a retrace of 30 %
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