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Cant wait RM1.00 tmrw
11 hours · translate
This child forgot to follow the mother or something?
2 weeks · translate
Aiyo rugi tak beli last week...ez 100% today
2 weeks · translate
Share consolidate hari ni. Harga naik, unit turun. Jangan terlajak jual pula ya.
3 weeks · translate
Good company.
3 weeks · translate
Let him cook
1 month · translate
1. EPF is KWSP.

2. EPF will distribute non-shariah incomes into conventional account holders.
1 month · translate
@Haru Kenchiru
Other companies (which announce private placements, secure new jobs/clients/contracts/joint ventures, disposal a small % in another entity, etc.) don't necessarily do trading halt.

But maybe because Sapura is under PN17 status and had to do it whether they (or their shareholders) like it or not.
1 month · translate
Suspends trading just to sell half of their asset. Not sure if thats necessary given their current situation.
1 month · translate
I'll be waiting below RM1.00
1 month · translate
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