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All Comments on AIRASIA Reload

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Shanice Yang
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drop by to see AA still surviving
Derrick Kang
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End game d la, last week fake news sudah goreng up 0.69, bodo shark will not let u run anymore. Free 1 way flight ticketbto holland!
Rajasegaran Raju
What it says my friend.?
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ChuShan Tai
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the only way to save AA : go for glove industry
Terence Loo
"Now everyone can wear?"
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Tan Beng Hooi
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Kam Hong Yeap
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Warren Buffet.. ' Dishonest boss , just get out. Not your father's company. Get out. So many good stocks. Look at furniture stocks. Semiconductor also good but too high now. If vaccine approved, go for blue chip.
BC Chan
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Tony.肺腩得 捞板说: 我们过去19年 都不要政府帮忙的; 现在....你懂的 °(°
Tien Yun Hwang
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哈哈哈 谁说TONY会后悔派0.90sen的股息???他暗地里高兴。。。他拿最多啊!!!钱不要好好应用。。。靠借贷过日子。。现金拿来分。。。。这样子公司那里 boleh?怕就怕 EPF也套在里边。。。AA其实间接是 belong to 整体EPFmember 都有小小份。。纪念品。。。哈哈哈
David Chen
EPF 2月份就出完票了。。。。。
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掏空公司再向政府求救 而后人民埋单
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Chat Soon
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coming qr how bad can be?
Murphy’s Law:
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
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Choose to be Free
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Tak boleh le...
Chris Chong
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tony 应该很后悔派0.90的dividend 出去
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Kam Hong Yeap
Regret abt dividend??? Both directors done a share placement for themselves 2 years ago. The total bumper dividend from then on enabled them to get the share placement almost Free of Charge.
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