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All Comments on AIRASIA Reload

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licin 1437
suddenly fly today
diu. I queue at 8.55 sell rd
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jacky chan
lol , the more u scare ,the higher it wanna go
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Bps mkt
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Bps mkt
RM1 。。。today
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Bps mkt
Maybe over
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darren yap
how come sell 10% to kimchi..coz of his wife hometown?
Vinz Lee
good or bad news
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Wong Jinghong
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业绩是烂 没有错 但是管理层是核心 airasia需要的是时间
硬体是无法改变 进步软体就好
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Stevenliau Kuang Shing
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I still stand with my own principle that it will go to 20 cents end of the year because of 10 reasons:
1) A second wave of illness
2) Stimulus packages are temporary
3) Irreversible damage to business
4) unemployment will continue for longer than the crisis itself
5) Mortgage defaults
6) Unreliable earning per share estimates
7) Reduction in stock buybacks
8) Looming recession
9) Continued fear and uncertainty
10) Misinformation

This is just a temporary rebound due to a reopen of economic. Biz now is not like a previous biz. The world has changed. It may take many years to recover the economic.
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Alex Kim
businesses will need to adapt to new normal instead of just waiting there and die, if that happens, 20 cents is not a dream.

but imagine an industry so big and not like Ramli burger stall you can open and close overnight, if you are TF, would you allow your company to go down without fighting?
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Ikram Rasid
Not only TF, the government also wont let that happen, though AA is not a national carrier. It's a household brand.
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Evon Yu
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if qr out will the price go up?
see the qr..
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qr out sure losses increase borrowing increase
the reason price now going up because MCO
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LuQman NaZri
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nampak seperti double bottom terbentuk di intraday chart..moving up??
Chung Lik Ng
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when is AA Q1 report?
it should be annouce before 31/05 right?
Yk Teoh
30th of June
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LuQman NaZri
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go go go ..up to sky