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All Comments on AIRASIA Reload

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Andy Yeoh
我不懂你们担心什么,我只懂Airasia, TM, Gtronic, POS, DRB这几个counter给我賺了最多。不是buy call, make your own judgements.
Chong Lik Guo
Drb QR 应该美 ba
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Law Kok Chun
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Wong Ching Hua
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EPF 这些大卡,起1仙卖掉他都有赚了
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Greg Anthony
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Sentiment is more sanguine today, AA will definitely rise today.
Fungal Investor
Googled sanguine, also mean blood red colour
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Funny Video
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if airasia can break RM 2.7 in this year, I cut my bird
Chong Lik Guo
Birdman hahah
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Nick Chung
Car havent managed to draft out already gulung tikar lol
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Logan 2812
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Rm 2.70 can break thru very soon.
Pl put away all knives guys, don't want anyone to get hurt
Ken Law
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Airasia 3.0!
Trump administration de-escalated its trade war with China, providing relief to risk assets that had been under pressure earlier in the week. Treasuries retreated.
Brent oil drop below USD 60!
Good new for Airasia thst 40% cost on oil.
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Yeu Sin Chong
monday up up ??
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lee sean
Agree with Cheng.
Nw buy Airasia mainly not because of the company, is becuz Tony.
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Lee Sky
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Mistake S
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Joe Wong
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Tan Ben
这个QR应该会很烂,顺势把股价压到低低 。跟随大势
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tan yijia
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close red today.. next week continue with my popcorn ;)
Vincent Lee
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RedQ announced time to fly 1.92