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During the period ended 31 March 2024, the Group acquired property, plant and
equipment with a total cost of RM82.0 million (period ended 31 March 2023: RM33.4
million). The acquisition is mainly for the expansion of hangars of ADE.
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What!!! 营业额52亿!太可怕了!再下个季度可能更多?
4 hours · translate
Cpo break 4033 again! Wow! Will maintain at 4000-4500 Monthly. Good.
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Anyone have the right cpo live price page? Hope i see wrong just now.
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i think TG qr will still in -ve mode, so just wait the qr b4 enter guys.
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OMG! Rasuah的公司很严重的!随时可以再次进入PN17然后Project就取消了!祝大家好运!
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Capital A送1粒AAG,听起来很不错?
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Tak tahu lah, haha. i think it will up to 60sen from start. Cos buyer alots today. Just now direct jiak jiak until back 57sen.
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