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PE is one of the most misleading FA indicators. growing company will have higher PE value.
2 hours · translate
thanks for ur advise bro. couldnt agree more.
6 hours · translate
cmon ptrans. move ur a**..!! no more mco. u do not have any reason not to shoot up!
8 hours · translate
hopefully can maintain close above 0.8. whats ur EP bro
8 hours · translate
kasi pecah telur itu CCK!!!
9 hours · translate
dont be too fast cekd. take a breath. rise slow and steady
9 hours · translate
weekly and monthly chart seems nice. awaiting price to cross ma200 for daily.
11 hours · translate
nice.mother passed EV value! rocketing soon!
11 hours · translate
hi frontken. just join ur team. please rise and shine
13 hours · translate
not enuf vol. cmon break 750 today!!
13 hours · translate
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