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Michael Lai

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Joined May 2017


financial result must be good i guess
11 hours · translate
ok I dun know the future, just follow candle stick technical analysis of the past, buy low sell high.
2 days · translate
wonder why all our reits are high in debts? when they took public money to buy buildings, will they fast2 settle the loan, say in few years time, or slowly repay, say 30 years or more?
1 week · translate
or worst 75 cents
1 week · translate
i think dividend has more relativity to share price than earning.
1 week · translate
target 1.80
1 week · translate
and you are right.
1 month · translate
ya but so far i never heard REITs get delisted before. But doesnt mean it wont happen rite?
1 month · translate
i just want to ask, will REITS get delisted?

last time i bought many penny stocks most got delisted.
1 month · translate
still cash rich, i am expecting more dividends. hope in 3 years time the dividends pay off my capital.
3 months · translate
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