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Ini stock Sampah.
2 days · translate
Good quarterly results but price of share can't move much. Damn.
2 weeks · translate
Conman at play, want to press down to 0.01 sen ???
1 month · translate
Real conman, split the shares then push it down ???
1 month · translate
May I know all these warrants the Chairman and Directors got it free and then they use 0.12 send to convert ?
2 months · translate
After share split, go into sleeping mode and dropping. Directors please push up the price.
2 months · translate
Because they haven't credited the split unit into the account
2 months · translate
Yes share split, can only trade on the 7th of June.
2 months · translate
Just could not understand the Mgt. Govt is sourcing cloud storage why don't they sell and provide, at least can boost up company's profit.
2 months · translate
Why Bursa never issue UMA? Share prices are dropping everyday because of conman at play.
2 months · translate
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