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Shit stock everyday going down.
1 month · translate
This is a shit stock, everyday going down.
3 months · translate
Shit stock, Shark keep disposing shares, can hardly reach and break 0.80.
3 months · translate
For cheating people's money, may they and their generations to come will die of chronic cancer.
5 months · translate
Wellcall better than wells.
6 months · translate
Hari Hari cuci, KNS Kangho
7 months · translate
Uselah local Ikan Siakap or Ikan kembong for your Sushi instead of fish from Japan for your sushi restaurant and plug the diarrhea that happened to your share prices as it had been going down every day since announcement of you quarter results. Don't just sit on the board without doing anything.
7 months · translate
Already gone, board of Directors don't care at all. They are sleeping, never come out with alternative measures where to buy fish for their sushi.
7 months · translate
Target achieved, take profit and cabut first.
8 months · translate
Is this counter dead ?
8 months · translate
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