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waiting 7.4 and below. hav chance?
1 day · translate
lolz. this counter not earn much but panai pp. dilute eps je. waste gas counter. wait 40cents and below just in.
4 days · translate
lolz. this counter boleh mer? co never earn money. waste gas waste time je.
2 weeks · translate
3.67 matched.
1 month · translate
dividend announce soon?
1 month · translate
小股东又做大lin ong 了。
1 month · translate
lolz. lim r u joking? :)
1 month · translate
lolz. no eye see this counter. pity on ppl which kena trapped at rm1 and above.
1 month · translate
hi jeff. hlcap hardly estimate le. few quarter good result in term of yoy. but share price wont increase. keep dropping je.
1 month · translate
believe their good result out by this mth.
1 month · translate
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