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fintec want take over focus? already 5x% Lambo also hold focus share, lolx
44 minutes · translate
walao, own share price gg, but go buy focus, lol
1 hour · translate
qr belum keluar, allow to delay 1 month
5 hours · translate
impossible 950m, focus share price depreciate already
8 hours · translate
ya, I know, but dunno y keep buy focus share only, already hold more than 50%
11 hours · translate
actually y fintec keep buy focus share? any news?
11 hours · translate
really pelik, the business not doing very well mah, dun understand y keep buy... by right fintec should sell the share to realized the profit
21 hours · translate
actually anyone got idea, y fintec keep purchase focus dynamic share? got big news?
1 day · translate
我觉得差不多要到lambo share conso 了
1 day · translate
1 day · translate
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